COVID-19 Response: Reflections from the (Virtual) Trenches

Written by Rebecca Alcock // On June 3rd, 2018, a volcano erupted in the heart of Guatemala. Its ash plume was visible from space, and its name, Fuego, suddenly stung with honesty. The eruption delivered the deadliest volcanic byproduct: pyroclastic flow, a high-speed surge of lava, rock, ash, and gas. Pyroclastic flows reach temperatures up to … Continue reading COVID-19 Response: Reflections from the (Virtual) Trenches

Defining Development

Written by Ryan McGuine // The term "development" broadly refers to the level of well-being that people enjoy, but quantifying well-being is not an easy thing to do. The traditional way to measure and compare levels of well-being across countries is personal income, measured as gross national income (GNI) per capita, but many attempts have … Continue reading Defining Development