Further Reading

Presented below is a non-exhaustive list of other sources publishing related content that I find exceptional.

Our World in Data – A project by the Oxford Martin Programme on Global Development, Our World in Data seeks to show how living conditions have changed over the very long run, and continue to change today. They have loads of information about loads of topics, all of which is available to download for free.

Works in ProgressWorks in Progress is an online magazine which shares pieces about novel ideas and stories of progress. In its short life, it has already published pieces by some of my favorite thinkers.

Center on Global Energy Policy (CGEP) – CGEP is housed by Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs, and aims to enable public and private sector leaders to make informed choices about the most pressing energy issues. It provides independent, nonpartisan analyses and facilitates education and information-sharing.

Marginal Revolution University – My go-to source for links to explanations of basic economic topics. Founded by Tyler Cowen and Alex Tabarrok, the website provides multiple textbooks worth of economic concepts via short, engaging videos. The name comes from their model of teaching how to think on the margin, one idea and one person at a time.

Chris Blattman’s Blog – Jeff Mosenkis of Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA) updates the blog weekly with a collection of development-related stories. It’s a great way to stay current on thinking in the development community, particularly the “randomista” sphere of thinkers.