COVID-19 Response: Reflections from the (Virtual) Trenches

Written by Rebecca Alcock // On June 3rd, 2018, a volcano erupted in the heart of Guatemala. Its ash plume was visible from space, and its name, Fuego, suddenly stung with honesty. The eruption delivered the deadliest volcanic byproduct: pyroclastic flow, a high-speed surge of lava, rock, ash, and gas. Pyroclastic flows reach temperatures up to … Continue reading COVID-19 Response: Reflections from the (Virtual) Trenches

Community-Based Health: Lessons from Rural Kenya

Written by Erica Petersen // Waiting in Chicago O’hare Airport's international terminal on the last day of May 2019, I had no idea what to expect of the upcoming ten weeks. My colleague-turned-friend from the Masters of Public Health program at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) and I were both nervous and excited … Continue reading Community-Based Health: Lessons from Rural Kenya

Power, Representation & Development

Written by Anna Wangen // Who writes the story of what "development" is? In a sphere that includes everything from high-level international governing bodies to the smallest local NGOs, as well as academics, humanitarian organizations, aid workers and more, the sheer diversity of actors and institutions renders conflicting ideologies, goals, and interests in "doing development" … Continue reading Power, Representation & Development

Partners in Light

Written by Ryan McGuine // In early January 2017, I was awaiting my departure in Haiti's crowded, fan-cooled Toussaint Louverture International Airport at the end of my third week-long church-affiliated service trip to the Eben-Ezer Mission community outside of Gonaïves. At the time, I was involved with the search for a new project for UW-Madison's … Continue reading Partners in Light